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Chattanooga Delta Genealogy Society




Chattanooga Delta Genealogy Society (CDGS) was founded in 1985 and is a not-for-profit, nonsectarian, volunteer-only organization.  CDGS was established to:

  • foster cooperation among individuals who are interested
    in genealogy and in preserving family history;
  • provide programs and publications for the instruction
    and education of interested persons;
  • help preserve documents and artifacts relevant to
    the genealogy and history of northwest Georgia,
    northeast Alabama, and southeast Tennessee.

We focus on the following counties:


Tennessee Alabama Georgia
Hamilton Jackson Walker
Bradley Madison Catoosa
Bledsoe DeKalb Whitfield
Marion   Dade
Sequatchie   Chattooga



Current Officers

President:          Dennis Rhea

Vice President:        Rufus Williamson

Secretary/Treasurer:     Lori Sanchez           





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